What is a Sauna Suit?

sauna suit

Sauna suit is not the kind of clothing you wear when enjoying a sauna. It is widely considered as a sportswear. People also call it sweating suit.

It is similar to diving suit. They are available in styles that cover the whole body. You can also choose styles that cover only the upper body or only the lower body. They are called sauna tops and sauna pants.

This article will introduce several 3 key points of sauna suit :

-Basic Functions

-Production Material

-Instructions for Use

Basic Functions

Sauna suit can effectively reduce the loss of body heat, thereby raising body temperature in a short time and achieving the best perspiration effect. Exercise with it is easier to increase the intensity of exercise.

From a principle point of view, it is the same as wrapping the body with plastic wrap, but the sauna suit has higher flexibility, higher ornamental value, and better quality and effect.

Production Materials of Sauna Suit

There are 3 materials commonly used by sauna suit manufacturers to make sauna suits: nylon, vinyl and neoprene.

Nylon sauna clothing is durable and flexible, but there is a serious drawback: it is easy to cause skin allergies.

Vinyl is the most common material, it has the characteristics of flexibility, non-toxic and high sealing, very durable and suitable.

Neoprene is a relatively rarely used material. It is elastic, flexible and wear-resistant, making it the best choice for comfort. However, it cannot provide as high a seal as vinyl and will reduce the sweat-wicking effect during exercise.

How to Use It Correctly?

“It’s just a piece of clothing, just put it on and start exercising?” This view is a big wrong. Improper use of it may have serious consequences.

sweating suit

Ensure It’s Clean

Sauna suit should be carefully disinfected and cleaned before use. Directly using it for a second time may make you feel uncomfortable or even cause skin diseases. Remember, your skin doesn’t want to come into direct contact with the sweat and dirt left on your sauna suit.

Be Prepared Before Exercise

The best way is to take a hot bath or simply warm up before using it for exercise. This can prevent sudden changes in body temperature and relieve physical stress.

Note the Time of Use

It is wrong to exercise in a sauna suit for a long time. This can put the body under a high load for a long time and can even be life-threatening. Depending on the physical condition of different people, the scientifically recommended time of use is 10-20 minutes.

Drink More Water

Exercising in a sauna suit can remove a lot of water from your body and even run the risk of dehydration. Be sure to rehydrate during exercise. Light salt water and electrolyte water are the best options.

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