Malaysia Urges Students and Teachers to Wear Sportswear


In view of the hot weather, the Putrajaya Education Department has announced that school members and other staff will be allowed to wear appropriate sportswear.

Reasons to Advance Sportswear

Under hot weather conditions, the Ministry of Education expressed concerns about the lives and health of students, teachers and workers working in high temperatures. Traditional Muslim clothing can lead to complications in hot weather.

The health department said that such people need to pay close attention to weather changes. It’s best to follow government advice and wear suitable sportswear to prevent heat stroke. “If necessary, educational institutions can suspend extracurricular activities or even suspend classes,” department officials said.

In addition to clothing permits, the department also stressed that schools should provide drinking water to students.

On the other hand, the government urged schools and hospitals to ensure that students receive timely treatment.

Combining Health and Faith

Replacing such clothing with breathable sportswear does not prohibit the wearing of traditional Muslim clothing. A combination of sportswear and religious clothing might be a way to go.

Consider that traditional religious clothing may not be suitable for use in various weather conditions. We provide custom religious clothing services, we manufacture them from breathable or warm sportswear fabrics to achieve the harmony of faith and health.

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