How to Find a Reliable Sportswear Factory

sportswear factory

If you are looking for a sportswear factory, then please note: a reliable sportswear factory is very critical to your clothing brand business. But discerning whether they are reliable is often a challenge.

We’ve put together some key points and tips for you to start a sportswear business.

Check if the Factory Specializes in Sportswear

This type of sportswear factory has rich experience in the industry. Because that’s all they do. You get their experience, whether you’re new to your business or expanding.

Tips: Depending on the location of the factory, you can roughly assess whether it is professional. (For example, in China, the clothing industry cluster is in Guangzhou, and the electronic equipment industry cluster is in Shenzhen.)

Verify the Manufacturer Owns the Sportswear Factory

An on-site visit would be the best approach if possible. Some factories may OEM products for many brands. The more customers they have, the higher the possibility that your delivery will be delayed. Some factories are owned by the manufacturer, and everything in the factory is decided by the manufacturer. By becoming their customer, you will have a higher degree of freedom and voice.

Assess Productivity and Efficiency

On the one hand, you need to consider whether the factory output can meet your business needs; on the other hand, you need to evaluate whether communication with business personnel is efficient. A high-capacity factory coupled with efficient communication allows you to receive your desired goods faster.

Review Quality Control and After-sales

Excellent factories often include standardized production guidelines and strict finished product inspection in terms of quality control.

Of course, after-sales support is also very important. Make sure the factory has a dedicated after-sales team to handle product improvements and returns.

Tips: Usually, where the finished product is packaged, the step before it is the quality control area.

Inquire about MOQ

Many factories are willing to lower their minimum order quantityz(MOQ) to facilitate cooperation. If you are just starting out, choosing such a factory can reduce business risks and trial and error costs as much as possible. Therefore, consult the factory’s MOQ before starting business.

Are you looking for a reliable and suitable sportswear factory? Contact us. We will be your reliable partner.

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